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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The next messiah ... a dragon?

Yesterday, a young Komodo dragon became a happy mother of five. The twist? It was a virgin birth.

The birth didn't take place in Bethlehem. It was in England. But scientists are heralding these births as a new hope for endangered species everywhere.

So after this, I guess you have to ask yourself: What Would Komodo Dragons Do?

Pennies may soon be worth more than a cent, if a potential coin shortage comes to fruition.

Federal Reserve economists project a coin shortage which could shoot the worth of a penny up to about 5 cents. Rising prices of metal have caused people to melt and resell coins, causing the coing shortage.

So ask yourself, who would win a fight? Lincoln or Jefferson. Flip a coin, it doesn't matter.

According to, a Chinese Communist Party Chief has vowed to "purify" the Internet. reports "he made it clear that the Communist Party was looking to ensure it keeps control of China's Internet users, often more interested in salacious pictures, bloodthirsty games and political scandal than Marxist lessons."

Let's hope they start with MySpace.

Hey, good news! Now you can have all the fun of lighting your friends on fire, without actually lighting them on fire.

The military has developed a new ray gun that creates a sense of being lit on fire in the victim it is aimed at. The military says it may save thousands of lives in Iraq, as it is a non-lethal approach to warfare.

I say who cares about mace and pepper spray with this ray gun available.