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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

News in surround sound

I think life needs a soundtrack.

How great would that be? Having the perfect, most relevant tune playing while experiencing everyday life would enhance all of our experiences.

Imagine reading a newspaper — but with sound (yeah, I know you can just watch CNN, but agree with me for the sake of argument). Every article would have a different track that would be perfectly appropriate for that story.

Unfortunately, this is impossible in the newspaper biz — but this isn’t a newspaper it’s a blog.

This is purely experimental, understand, and my idea of the perfect tune won’t be yours, but I’m going to run down some of the major news stories of the last week, and include an "appropriate" track.

So get your Morpheus running, because here we go:

The Amish School Shooting: Isn’t it a pity, by George Harrison
The saddest and most touching story in recent news deserves the saddest most touching song I can think of. The Amish school shooting at Nickel Mines was terrible, but some good may still come of it. The Amish community is handling the situation bravely and teaching the rest of the world what it means to be truly forgiving and openhearted.

Study: Men delay medical care when the game's on: Keep me in your heart, by Warren Zevon
Simply put, us men are delaying our visits to the emergency room because the big game is on. Zevon’s song discusses his family remembering him when he’s dead and gone, which is what these guys will be if they don’t start prioritizing things. Me man, me like football…

Terrell Owens returns to Philadelphia: Sympathy for the devil, by the Rolling Stones
After this week’s performance against Philly, you can’t help but feel bad for T.O. He was booed mercilessly, and played like crap. The Eagles did romp on the Cowboys, so that makes it a little easier to hate T.O. a little less.

Yankees pitcher dead in plane crash: All is full of love, Death Cab for Cutie
This song is full of emotion and is more for Cory Lidle’s family — the most tragic victims of this situation.

The Foley scandal: Anything by Michael Jackson
Um… enough said.