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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Surreal news

Do you ever read something that just makes you say, "What the heck?"


Do you live in a cave?

Well in that case, here are a couple news stories that should make you scratch your head, laugh, and wonder about the stupidity of your fellow citizens:

In Florida a man decided to smoke crack cocaine and woke up naked in the mouth of an alligator. Authorities had to wade into waste-deep mud and wrestle the man from the gator's mouth, like a toy from a dog. The man lost an arm and severely broke his other arm.
Lesson: Don't smoke crack cocaine and go wading. (Don't smoke crack cocaine.)

In San Francisco sea lions are terrorizing local beach-goers. A renegade sea lion has bitten 14 different individuals. Our assistant sports editor, Dan Winklebleck has a theory that Steven Spielberg is responsible for this. After the movie Jaws people went crazy and started killing off sharks left and right, which led to a mass increase in sea lion population. And now we're seeing the consequence.
Lesson: When you see a sea lion, run like hell.

Prince Charles recently released a cook book. Have you seen this guy? He looks like he's been dead for 20 years. Whatever he's eating I want no part of. Plus it's organic food, so it's got to be pure rubbish.
Lesson: When you're already rich, don't try to branch out.