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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good news!

Okay folks, as it is the last News blog of the semester, and my fellow Ops Editor, Kathleen, has forsaken me once again to write the blog. I think I'm going to list the top news stories of the semester, in no particular order.

The Democrats took the House and the Senate. They better make some changes or else the pendulum is going to swing back the other way and we're all in trouble again.

Seals started attacking people on the west coast. We blamed Spielberg for this one.

In September, Former President Clinton verbally slapped Chris Wallace. People need to stop upsetting Clinton, he's got a bad heart for God's sake...

Also in September a drunken Chinese tourist bit a panda at a local zoo, and finished his meal off with some fresh yak. Well, not really, but he did bite the panda, which in turn mauled him. Note to self: Don't bite pandas.

Britney Spears gave birth to another child, and she STILL hasn't had her kids taken away by the government yet. It's only a matter of time, don't worry.

Rush Limbaugh is still an idiot.

O.J. Simpson... also still an idiot.

An Amish school was attacked by a lone gunman earlier this semester. The Amish people handled the situation admirably, and won the hearts of the nation.

Foley is a pervert.

That's about it! Well I'm sure there's been more news. But that's the best of what we've written about here on our blog at The Daily Collegian's Web site. Tune in next semester when we tackle more hard hitting news, and of course, stuff that's just plain odd.