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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Close, but no cigar

You know it’s almost Election Day when politicians come trolling into town.

It’s been a busy week at Penn State. Gov. Ed Rendell was here on Tuesday, Lynn Swann came Wednesday and Bob Casey comes today. They all want our vote, or so it seems.
But interestingly enough, Swann didn’t make it to campus. Well, he came to the Penn Stater Hotel Conference Center, but in case he didn’t notice, students don’t really go out that way.

You might make the trek if you are a die-hard GOP fan who wants to meet the gubernatorial candidate. Or, if you have classes at Innovation Park or work at the hotel, you might be able to stop in for a chat.

But for most students, meeting the GOP candidate wasn’t an option.

Rendell spoke to a standing room crowd in the HUB. He talked policy and answered questions at an event hosted by College Democrats. He easily deflected criticism, and plugged his record as Governor. He talked about tuition and jobs for students once they graduate.

Swann, in contrast, visited the Centre County Business Industry Expo at the conference center.

Hey Mr. Swann, in case you missed it, Penn State students vote. Yes, overall, student turnout across the country has never been high. But if you were on campus during the 2004 election, you would have noticed that lines were out the door to vote at the HUB.

Groups have been working incredibly hard to register students to vote this fall, and Penn State students will vote. Also, contrary to popular belief, not all college students are liberal. And, there are student voters who haven’t made up their mind yet about which candidates they like.

So, at the biggest university in the commonwealth, you’d think students would get the chance to see all the candidates.

Mr. Swann, please come to campus and let students at least see you before Election Day. Students want a choice this Election Day. But, you’re not really letting them see that choice.