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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Career fair, T.O., politics, oh my!

All the news that's fit to blog...

The leaves are turning colors, the semester is nearly halfway over, and the Career Fair is reminding us seniors that we really need to pump up our résumés.

The first round of Teach for America applications are due soon. The LSATs and GREs are just around the corner. Let the nervous breakdowns commence.

But despite the conversations that permeate our early morning chats with the guys or girls sitting next to us in class, there are a few other minor things going on in the world. Here’s the weekly roundup.

Leading on CNN was the suicide attempt by Terrell Owens. The fact that at least two people were taken hostage at a Colorado high school got second billing.

Apparently, people are more likely to read about T.O. than more legitimate news. Flashy newsreels draw people in to the latest celebrity trial or crisis: A big celeb is on her deathbed, news at 11.

Didn’t catch ex-President Bill Clinton jumping down the throat of Fox anchor Chris Wallace? Don’t worry, YouTube has it covered. If he gets this mad at a journalist, we wonder what he’d say to President Bush.

Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings wants state universities to take standardized testing. Yeah, that will work.

On to that big Senate race taking place in Pennsylvania. You may have heard of the contestants, Rick Santorum and Bob Casey. Casey’s up by 12 points in the latest Quinnipiac Poll. He may have a reputation for being dull, but if nothing changes between now and Election Day, we may have a new Senator come November.

Then there’s that Gubernatorial race where Lynn Swann is trying to stay within striking distance of Gov. Ed Rendell. Campaign finance, debates, oh my! For all things Pennsylvania politics, go to Morning Call Capitol Bureau chief John Micek’s Capitol Ideas.