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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Here's what you may have missed.....

Welcome to the first edition of "All the News That's Fit To Blog," The Daily Collegian's weekly news blog by Opinion Page editors Kathleen Haughney and Alex Muller.

In this blog, we'll remind you of recent news and tell you about all the headlines you may have missed this week, whether it's campaign news or celebrity gossip. So with that said, we begin...

What does it take to anger a bunch of college-age kids?

Well, a few things.

Try telling students they can't drink during game time or letting them know they can't bring food to class. Or, watch them log on to Facebook only to find that their "friends" now know their every Facebook action.

That's just a sampling of news that happened right here at Penn State this week.

Other things you may have missed?

The President used the 9/11 anniversary to remind voters that we were making an impact in Iraq. Have we found Osama bin Laden yet?

And in case you wondered how various people know what you're talking about in private, the Senate Judiciary Committee just approved a bill that would allow the Bush administration to continue its wire tapping program.

But in really serious news, Whitney Houston and husband Bobby Brown are on the rocks. So sad.

But in happier news, it's a boy!