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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

He's just a little guy...

I'm a bleeding heart for all things cute and cuddly. So when I was perusing a few days ago and spotted a photo of a cute little polar bear looking adoringly at the camera, I immediately ooh-ed, ahh-ed and clicked to read more.

The first thing that caught my eye in the article: "The zoo must kill the bear."

Beg your pardon?

I'll explain...Knut — a little ball of polar bear fluff, was ignored by his Mama after birth and so zookeepers at the Berlin Zoo decided to handfeed and raise him. Stellar of them, right? But some animal rights activists believe the bear would be better off dead.

Yes, dead.

These activists believe it's in the best interest of the bear to put the little guy to sleep, because if zookeepers raise him, he may not ever be able to fit in with his polar bear friends. Clearly being dead is a better option than having awkward social moments.

Things like this make me wonder if people should need a license to breed and pass on their genes.

Yes, I'm aware cute little Knut eventually grows into a gigantic killing machine, but for now he's just a little guy who just wants a bottle and a nap.

We've got a war going on a little south of Deustchland fellas. If you're really trying to protest something, take all that energy you're spending on trying to give Knut the axe and put it to better use.