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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

An Ode to Dear Ol' State...

Dear Penn State,

It's been four years since we first began our relationship together. And oh what a time we've had. Like all good relationships we've had our ups and down — our fights, our triumphs, our special little moments. In a few days we'll be going long-distance. Some may think our relationship is doomed, but not I, Dear State. I don't want you to ever forget me when I'm gone so I'm dedicating this ode to you:

It has been four years since it all began,
Ian served as president then — he was the man.
Our football team back then wasn't so swell,
Mills was the QB and fans gave him hell.
USG was still the cream of the crop,
Mazzante was the scoring Lady Lion to stop.

Then along came the year 2004,
When Eastview Terrace opened its doors.
iPods popped up, and music became hip,
Foulke 'n' A ran the show, along with Vicky Trip.
The Red Sox won the Series, and Boston cheered!
Bush was reelected, and most students jeered.

In 2005 we announced that "We're Back!"
MRob and Tony led the football pack.
And on that fateful November day,
Our hatred for Michigan grew after just one play.
Dreams of roses were shattered, but hopes still alive,
For in Miami, oranges and South Beach do thrive.

Come 2006 the freshman class expanded,
and into student government, the UPUA ship landed.
Bundy made headlines, and students were shocked,
And thanks to J. Timberlake our bodies were rocked.
State Theatre opened with a formal affair,
And drunk driving problems had us all taking care.

This year has already started with quite a full force,
Portland left the Valley, for her own reasons, of course.
New ticket systems have got all the students up in arms,
and possible football player suspensions may cause the team harm.
Penn State, I'll miss you..whether you're in the wrong or the right
From now until forever, I'll bleed Blue and White.