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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prince of Darkness

I spent some time in the nerve center of the UPUA elections operations and got to meet a man who's known to some as "The Prince of Darkness."

The Prince, who usually goes by Frank Criscione (senior-microbiology), is the man behind the elections machine. He's the UPUA head elections commissioner and from what he told me, he's had a long day so far.

"I was in class giving my final presentation and I got four phone calls during it," Criscione laughed.

Crisicione helps acts as the "translator" of the 16-page, 11-article elections code that all candidates must comply with.

Because the document, which contains over 100 clauses, can be interpreted different ways, candidates call Criscione if they have any questions about whether or not their campaign strategies are legit.

"Candidates might not understand the spirit of the code as we've interpreted it," Criscione said. If they have a question, "the best thing to do is call and ask so we can say 'OK, that's kosher,' instead of them interpreting it however they see fit."

Criscisone told me that he earned his nickname from his by-the-book management of the UPUA elections.

"I've got friends on all the campaigns, but today, I can't be their friends," he said. "It's been difficult because I've been in their position and I know what they're going through, but the code's the code."

- Bill