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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Don't rain on my (presidential inauguration) parade

Penn State fans were fortunate enough to have a gorgeous day for the Blue and White Game this year.

They weren't so lucky on election day.

The rain has been "affecting candidates ability to roam around campus and campaign," UPUA head elections commissioner Frank Criscione said.

He added that it's been affecting voter turnout and plans to "really push" public polling spots in East and West residential commons areas.

Previous student government elections had public polling, but it wasn't always run by the elections commission. Sometimes the candidates themselves ran the public polls.

Criscione said the elections commission planned to implement polling in the commons anyway, but the rain has pushed them to step up their game.

"It's almost 4:30," he said as some members of the elections commission were heading off to set up the polls. "We're going to try and hit the dinner crowd."

- Bill